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Jasmin Joana is a full-time singer and pianist, co-founder of Wedding Voice and vocal coach at her own vocal school Vocal Art. In spite of her professionalism Jasmin Joana enjoys being part of an affectionate and important occasion, such as a wedding. She understands how to put the bride and the groom in the center and make sure that this day filled with goosebumps stays memorable for a very long time.

«All eyes are directed at the beautiful bride, when the church doors open and the bride strides to the altar. It is my passion and my calling to underline these goosebump moments appropriately.»

Listenings of Jasmin Joana

Wedding music for goose bumps with the wedding singer / singer & pianist Jasmin Joana. Convince yourself of the warm and expressive voice – on all these recordings, you will hear the song and piano by Jasmin Joana:

y the way, under the pseudonym JOANA ROOTS, last summer, Jasmin Joana released the song WE ARE ONE, which has already appeared in the itunes charts and is played on the radio. Wish the song at the next concert!

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