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Fotobox Schweiz

The price of our Photo Booth is the current and lowest market price for these devices. Advantage for us, we offer modern and professional technology at self-pickup prices, but with us cared for with construction and dismantling. There are to care for yourself certainly cheaper deals, difference: Industrial Rolldrucker vs.. Hobby photo printer, camera vs. I-pad, touch screen with live view vs. Blind self-release, real props vs. Cardboard disposable, studio illumination vs. No light optimization, no time limit since the box remains as long as DJ, etc. If you should find a cheaper offer (self-pickup) with equivalent equipment, we match the price of our offer not only for you but directly on our website for all future customers.

  • digital pictures (unlimited)
  • Live touch screen
  • FUN articles
  • stand
  • Studio lighting
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • On-site support
  • 400 image prints on site
Druck vor Ort

Hochleistungsdrucker mit schneller Geschwindigkeit, mehrere Drucke möglich.

Touch Screen

Der richtige Fotoautomat-Effekt entsteht erst, wenn man sich beim Fotografieren selbst sieht und so das Ergebnis bereits auf einem Screen vor sich sieht.


Eine professionelle Studioausleuchtung für perfekte Bilder ist immer dabei!

Studio lighting

A professional studio lighting for perfect pictures is always included!

Touch Screen

The real photo booth feeling can only be experienced, when people can see themselves while taking the photo booth pictures. It makes people feeling more outgoing and fun seeing the result on a screen while posing. (Not all Photo Booths on the market got this function!)

Printout on-side

High Performance Printer with high speed, multiple prints achievable

Wedding Entertainment - Photo Booth Switzerland

Technically and qualitatively on the most modern state. No disadvantages compared to large providers.

Wedding Entertainment - Photo Booth Switzerland
Wedding Entertainment - Photo Booth Switzerland

Rent our box at self-pickup prices. But always with onsite service by the DJ. That’s why our boxes are only bookable with DJ. The Box will be built up and assisted by the DJ and stays with the DJ till the end. (Supervision costs for other providers from CHF 600.-)

Wedding Entertainment - Photo Booth Switzerland
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Do not hesitate. Demand is high. We would be delighted to enrich your wedding!

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