From DJ “Request Show” to Club Mix

We leave nothing to chance

Wedding Voice works as a team. At weddings, as a musician / DJ, there is no room for self-expression and that starts with the preparation. We are very well connected with each other, we regularly exchange in meetings and manage a common database. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and networking, we are able to fulfill 99% of your music requests spontaneously or even spontaneously organize a karaoke session. Experience is important, but is often overrated and is an unreliable guide especially at weddings. Just as diverse as the bride and groom are, so is the music. As a wedding DJ, just when you think you’ve already seen and heard everything, or know what’s working or not, you’ll be taught a lesson. Every party is different and that’s why we never rely solely on our experience. Flair and the right tools are the be-all and end-all. That’s exactly what we specialize in and that’s exactly what our customers appreciate about us.

Whatever your desires are, our wedding DJ’s are well prepared and ready for all kinds of situations. Considering that nobody knows in advance what surprises the evening may holds.

Generational overarching variability, adapted ethnically and culturally, party moods to sing along and being cheerfull and nostalgic or club feeling with ecstatc highlights.

No wishes will be left ungranted – whether Schlager music, standard, classic, pop, latin or electo – we offer entertainment and atmosphere. And modern equipment and network allows us to answer your expectations and 99%

Wedding DJ

DJ Don Rodolfo

Mario Di Pietro Wedding Voice Inhaber und Hochzeitsdj Don Rodolfo


(German / Italian / French / English)

Beside his work as manager at PUNKT Marketing (which includes: Wedding Voice, PUNKT Events and Vocal Art) the charismatic DJ with sicilian roots enjoys to be in the field as wedding DJ and uses his experiences as former club DJ.

DJ Don Rodolfo Wedding Voice Schweiz Mario Di Pietro

Wedding DJ

DJ Luk

wedding dj Luk for your wedding in switzerland

Technical Management

(German / English)

The techie in our organization. There’s no such thing as Can’t! is his motto which brought us to our high level in flexibility and means big benefit in every situation, especially for our customers. Having started in his teens as DJ, he is still on the road in the club szene.


Wedding DJ


Hochzeits-DJ Ce Wedding Voice Schweiz

Music Archive Management

(German / Italian / French / Brazilian)

In his spare time it’s all about music. Whether international or national trends. What were the hits of the 70ies, what’s the hottest tune today? All about newcomers, charts and insider’s tips. If there’s the perfect song for the perfect moment, be sure that DJ Cé knows or will find it. Due to his soft spot for Brazil, it’s no surprise that DJ Cé run the turntables even in “Braziu“ known as DJ Cabação.


For every moment the perfect song

Our DJ’s are hand-picked just like our other artists. Each of them has experience as a professional DJ and has mastered his craft. From our wedding DJs you can expect: dedication, openness, flexibility, professionalism, good manners, top equipment, sensitivity and much more.


Our ambition is at all times the optimal level in acoustics. This means that you can expect equipment for at least SFR 10’000.– (calculated without instruments like piano or guitar). As standard included: Lights and sound exposure for up 180 pers..We will be happy to advise you in this aspect!

At this we are working with professional partners.


DJ & live vocal show

With this offer there’s no need to chose between DJ and live band any longer. It combines the benefits of the flexibility of a DJ and the live feeling of live music on highest level.

Hochzeitsmusik Wedding Voice Schweiz Musik für Hochzeit

The sound of dream weddings.

Do not hesitate. Demand is high. We would be delighted to enrich your wedding!

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