Wedding Voice – professional wedding singer for the most beautiful day of life

With wedding singer and Wedding DJ the success of the wedding celebration is guaranteed

Imagine the following scenario: The light is dimmed, the first few bars of the melody of the chosen favorite song are heard, and a powerful voice hummed poetic lines, which not only bring tears of joy to the bride or groom. That is exactly what she has to look like, the dream wedding, which creates goose bumps and should be remembered by all. You have a certain idea of ​​your wedding singer and are looking for a wedding singer from Switzerland, who specializes in a particular genre of music? Then you will find numerous samples of our wedding singers on our website. Also on the music program of our experienced Wedding DJ s you can convince yourself on the homepage. Many people underestimate how important a DJ is to wedding celebrations. At a wedding one usually finds a very versatile audience of different ages. Just as versatile must be the music program of a DJ for wedding parties. The wedding DJ should also analyze the audience carefully and musically be prepared for everything. This distinguishes the professional from the beginner. Do not take any risks and book with us a professional Wedding DJ from Switzerland who keeps your guests happy throughout the evening.

The picture book wedding in Switzerland – a good organization is half the battle

Whether it’s the culinary needs of the guests, the décor of the location, the DJ of Wedding or the wedding singers – everything has to be planned meticulously. Therefore, we attach great importance to the perfect preparation. In order for your wedding singer to provide the right atmosphere, it requires a good deal. In an in-depth preliminary talk you can describe how you imagine the musical background of your wedding ceremony. Which music style is preferred? Which songs should be performed and when? What are absolute no-go’s? Is there a dress code? These are important questions for us to answer. Because we know how important the financial planning of a wedding is, our prices are completely transparent. Therefore, you will find the prices of our various entertainment packages on our website. Of course, these vary depending on how long you need our wedding singers and whether the wedding singer should perform with play-back or live instrument. On request, we also bring along our popular photo booth, where you and your guests can capture funny moments for eternity.

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