In his spare time DJ Cé is all about music. Whether international or national trends. What was “in” in the 70s and what is today. All about newcomers, charts and, of course, all the sideshops. If there is a real song for the right moment, it knows DJ Cé or he will find it. With his personal passion for Brazil, it’s no surprise that DJ Cé was already on the mixing console in “Brasil”, known as DJ Cabeção.

«As a wedding DJ, I like to be the type of” musical Sherlock Holmes “- as if in slow motion, I recognize the signs, predict the event, and then play the right song at exactly the right moment! Just lovely. 🙂 “


Our DJs are explicitly specialized in weddings and events and therefore prepared for all style requests. Here is DJ Cé’s favorite list:

  • Latino Charts
  • Bachata, Merengue, Salsa…
  • Latino Club Sound (Reggaeton, Ragga, Kizomba…)
  • Current Charts
  • Ballroom Dance
  • Italo Hits
  • Funk, Disco & Soul
  • Hip Hop & RnB
  • Hits from the past decades: 2000er, 90ies, 80ies, 70ies, 60ies…
  • Electro, House, EDM, Club Sound
  • Swiss Mundart
  • other country-specific music
  • Schlager
  • Rock

DJ Cé’s Equipment

Prices for our wedding DJ offers or interesting packages (with live singer / musician and / or photo booth) can be found at


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